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Introducing "The Couch Potato Workout DVDs" —
An Instructional Resistance Training Exercise Program
That Will Tone and Shape Your Body!
Have you or anyone you know ever purchased a home workout video? There are a lot of choices: Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, and various Cardio Kick-Boxing ones to name a few.

On the covers, you always see people with those ripped, toned muscles shining through making these videos look like a million bucks. But these videos rarely produce the slim, sexy, toned body that is promised to you.

The reason that these programs cannot give you that result is that they are missing a very important key ingredient — making it practically impossible to achieve the results you really want.

So what is this missing secret ingredient?

The answer is extra added resistance. Without adding resistance training to your regime, you quite simply will never achieve true muscle toning — the real secret to looking great.

Thankfully, we've developed a program that allows you to achieve a full-body "gym-equivalent" workout from the comfort of your own home. Our program includes: three full-body workouts (beginner's, intermediate, and advanced).

All of our programs use resistance training to bring you the kind of real results that you now can finally have.
View Our Trailer:
3 amazing workouts on 1 DVD. Beginner's to Advanced.
Normally $49.95
Today Only - $39.95

Is Finally Over!
Everything you need to easily obtain the body of your dreams from the comfort your living room:
  • Finally, an exercise program that is truly designed for the beginner
  • Exercises to begin toning and strengthening all major muscle groups
  • Clear, easy to understand instructions for every exercise
  • Easy pace that anyone can follow; even if you are very overweight
  • Start noticing results in as little as two weeks with regular use
  • No special equipment to buy
  • Works in just 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week
  • All exercises designed to get you maximum results with minimal effort
  • Start to feel more energetic than you have in years
  • Promotes weight loss as well as toning and shaping all in one program
  • Helps you begin to make those positive changes that will last you a lifetime
  • Three great workouts to help you continue to receive results for years to come!
Watch this video to learn more:
3 amazing workouts on 1 DVD. Beginner's to Advanced.
Normally $49.95
Today Only - $39.95

After following "Mr. Gym's Couch Potato Workout" I have lost 47 pounds and I now have the energy and vigor to do anything I want to and now I feel better than I ever have!

—Jennifer G.
Phoenix, AZ
Amazingly, in only three short months I was able to drop off FIVE YEARS worth of weight gain.

—Chuck R.
Colorado Springs, CO

I have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program, to the support, and my outcome I couldn't have asked for more than I've received for my money.

—Dianne W., Kansas City, MO

Don't you deserve to have the body you've always dreamed of? You owe it to yourself to try this workout today.

Your Friend in Weight Loss and Fitness Success,

A.K.A. Mr. Gym

P.S. Aren't you ready to join the many who have already achieved these results? You've got nothing to lose except for your weight.

Yes, Jim! I'm Ready to Finally Achieve the Body of My Dreams!

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